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China's First Horizontal Skyscraper Opened to the Public


On May 30, the Crystal Corridor of Raffles City Chongqing (the Crystal), hailed as China’s first horizontal skyscraper was officially opened to the public.

People are taking photos around the observation deck

The Crystal, towering 250 meters above where the two rivers (Yangtze River and Jialing River) converge and spanning the top of four tall buildings, is 300 meters long, 32.5 meters wide and 26.5 meters high. Covering about 10,000 square meters, it consists of three functional areas: Exploration Deck · Viewing Gallery, recreation club, dining, and entertainment destination. In the Crystal, more than 110 tall trees constitute an aerial tropical rainforest.

It can appreciate the beautiful view of the Two Rivers

As an important part of the Crystal, Exploration Deck · Viewing Gallery takes exploration as the theme and integrates urban human geography and the future of science fiction into it, forming a unique vertical landscape layout from the ground to the air. It is in the air area of the 47th floor on the Jialing River side of the lofty crystal corridor and consists of indoor and outdoor platforms with an area of about 1,500 square meters.

The interior view of the observation deck

Long queues formed at four self-service ticket machines and ticket gates. Citizens and tourists bought tickets, checked in, went through security checks in turn, and eagerly stepped into the Exploration Deck · Viewing Gallery. There are six theme exhibitions on the first floor. Through the displayed pictures, videos, and interactive devices, people can get a good understanding of Chongqing’s urban changes and development and feel Chongqing’s humanistic charm. Having a bird’s-eye view on the beautiful scenery of the Two Rivers and Four Riversides from a height of 250 meters, you can feel the thrill and excitement of walking in the air on the overhanging transparent glass floor, and freeze-frame the beautiful scenery in your eyes with your mobile phone and camera.

“Every view matters,” said Li Yao, a travel enthusiast, who made an appointment to buy tickets right after getting the news that the Crystal is opened to the public. She takes the journey with her parents. “Standing 250 meters high in the air, through the glass floor, you can see a stream of vehicles and ships on the Jialing River. When you look down, although every pore of the body is contracting violently, the visual stimulation is incomparable. What a worthwhile journey!” praised Li Yao. “This viewing gallery is the best place to have a bird’s view on Chongqing and to feel the two rivers,” exclaimed citizen Yang Yong, who was busy taking photos with his mobile phone and talking to his buddies.


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