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Best Places to do Firefly Sightseeing in Chongqing


Summer is a good time to see fireflies. Rather than go to the crowded amusement park, it is way much better to find the beauty of the world in another way.

On such a special holiday, bring your kids to these places to meet fireflies!

Yuanbang Firefly Manor

Yuanbang Firefly Manor is located in Maliu Village, Shichuan Town, Yubei District. When summer night falls, the fireflies flying all over the sky over the 300-plus mu (around 20 hectares) of rural areas, like the beating notes in the quiet night.

Yuanbang Firefly Manor

Wandering amidst, you may feel as if you were in the Milky Way, with the sparkling “stars” near at hand. In addition to firefly viewing, there are also other options such as couple exclusive experience, natural science education and food agriculture education, camping, and RV experience. The nearby blueberry base is a good choice for those who prefer parent-child picking.

Search: Yuanbang Firefly Manor (Maliu Village, Shichuan Town, Yubei)

Route: Downtown—Haier Road—Shengxing Avenue—Longjun Avenue—Shichuan Town, Yubei

Yuanbang Firefly Manor

Firefly Cultural Creation Farm

Firefly Cultural Creation Farm is located in Fengwen Street, Shapingba District. The farm boasts picturesque scenery and is a good place to relax and return to the countryside.

Firefly Cultural Creation Farm

When night falls, fireflies are flying all over the forest, a movie-like romantic scene that cannot be missed. This wonderful experience of being surrounded by happiness is like a fairy tale in the real world. Besides watching fireflies, this farm has more to offer.

You can go to the Insect House, Bee House, or try some pickings, play trampoline, drive a kart…

Search: Firefly Cultural Creation Farm (Yantangwan, Sanhe Village, Fengwen Street, Shapingba District)

Route: Downtown—Shuangbei Tunnel—Xuecheng Avenue—Fengwen Street—Yantangwan

Banan Jieshi Town

The air in Jieshi Town of Banan District is refreshing and fragrant with birds and flowers. Along the way, vegetation is well protected, and fireflies can be easily spotted.

Jieshi Town of Banan District

Bring your kids here for fun on fine summer nights. Fireflies can be found in Flowers World and firefly shows are often held at nearby Ba Culture Park.

Recommended viewing venue: Flowers World, Ba Culture Park, a road connecting Jieshi and Gongping

Self-driving route: Downtown-Inner Ring Expressway—South Ring Link—Longjun Avenue—Banan Jieshi Town

Zhaomushan Forest Park

Covered by dense vegetation, Zhaomushan Forest Park boasts a beautiful view. Walking in the evening, you can often see fireflies dotted here and there.

The dazzling elves dance in the air forming a wonderful picture. On this peaceful and gentle summer night, let’s embark on a romantic journey to meet fireflies. Please cherish these elf-like fireflies and do not chase or harm them.

Zhaomushan Forest Park

Recommended viewing venue: Zhaomushan Forest Park

Route: Downtown-Inner Ring Expressway—West Section of Jinkai Avenue—Zhaomushan Forest Park


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